DIY Mulch / Compost Maker

This wonderful idea has been brought to us by Lisa de Speville from YOLO whom is given us permission to resell her products in Swaziland as well as advertise them on our website!

Compost DIY has been made easy by taking the concept of compost tumbling and make it even better through good design and smart engineering.

The Compost Tumbler is a convenient method to compost organic waste from the kitchen and garden. As a closed-bin system, compost tumbling matures compost faster than compost heaps and has the advantage of being rat, dog, monkey and pest proof. Our Compost Tumblers take little space, are odour-free, and they are suitable for homes with large gardens, small gardens or no gardens.

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Q: What size YOLO Compost Tumbler should I choose?

The small (2 x 45-litre shells) YOLO is primarily for apartments and townhouses with tiny gardens or courtyards. Our focus here is on composting your kitchen waste instead of adding it to your trash where it ends up in landfill.

The medium (2 x 100-litre shells) is big enough to accommodate grass cuttings and garden waste from a small garden.

The large (2 x 200-litre shells) is definitely the size you need if you have a small to medium garden. Always remember that the smaller the items put into the shell, the faster the composting process will be. Shredders are invaluable.

No compost tumbler in the world is big enough to accommodate material from a large garden. Used in conjunction with a compost heap, a compost tumbler is very effective to mature compost for regular use.

Our YOLO Compost Tumbler comes as a double unit for convenient and efficient composting – when one shell is full, you can start immediately on the second.

Q: Do you install?

YOLO Compost Tumblers require no installation. It arrives assembled and ready-to-use. Take it out the box, place it on the ground, open the lid and toss in your kitchen cuttings.

We recommend leaving your YOLO on its stand on the ground initially. Move it around until you find the right place for it. If you’d like to mount the frame on a wall, give your local handyman a call. We recommend 8mm rawl bolts for the small and medium size and 10mm rawl bolts for the large.

Q: How do I empty my YOLO Compost Tumbler?

A: If your YOLO is wall-mounted, park your wheelbarrow under it and tip the contents out. If your YOLO is on its stand on the ground, use a spade to scoop it into a container or tip the contents out onto a tray, plastic sheet or tarp.

Q: I’ve heard that the contents in compost tumblers can be wet and slushy. Is this true?

As with any composting method, the outcome of the process is determined by what you put in. We’ve used moulded-in graphics on the side of our YOLO Compost Tumblers to remind you what you can put in and also to remind you of the key 2 ‘brown’ to 1′ green’ ratio.

If you only put wet veggie cuttings into your YOLO, yes, it will be too wet. You need to balance the wet ‘green’ materials with dry ‘brown’ materials like dry leaves, shredded cardboard, egg cartons, shredded paper and the like.

Compost tumblers are closed units so they do retain moisture, which is also an advantage of tumblers as composting requires a degree of moisture – but not too much. It is very important to pay attention to what you throw in. Smell your compost – your nose is your best tool to gauge the health of your compost. Whether you’re using a tumbler or a bin or any other composting method, a balance in materials has to be achieved.

Q: Can I put almost-ready compost from my compost heap into my new YOLO Compost Tumbler?

Of course! In fact, this is a great way to get almost-ready compost that has been sitting at the bottom of the heap for almost a year to be ready-to-use in a matter of three to four weeks (depending on the stage of the compost). Just remember not to fill your YOLO Compost Tumbler shell up too much. Aim for 3/4 full so that there is still space for the material to mix and be aerated when you give it a tumbler every few days. When you compost looks, feels and smells earthy, when it gives off very little heat and when the materials are no longer recognisable (you can’t identify carrots and potato peels), then your compost is ready.

My current ‘active’ large YOLO Compost Tumbler shell. This is just grass cuttings and shredded dry leaves. These contents are less than a week old. It was full, up to the rim, but has already reduced in volume to half (you can see the central pipe). I’ll be adding more grass and leaves to this mix.